Native American Ancestry

95% of mtDNA lineages are in these haplogroups: A2, B2, C1b, C1c, C1d, D1 but these haplogroups are not EXCLUSIVE to Native Americans.
Marker D9S919, with a value of 9, is present in about 30% of Native American people and not known to be in any other ethnic group.  Not having a value of 9 doesn't DISPROVE Native American heritage.  The test for this is approx. $15 at FTDNA.
Native American males who were in America prior to contact with Indo-Europeans have haplogroups of C and Q3.  The Y-DNA test can confirm a specific line is of Native American descent.
Males having Native American ancestry could belong to a sub-group of Y haplogroups Q-M242 or C-P39.[1]