Links, Tools and Blogs

Blaine Bettinger's Shared cM Project
CeCe Moore on Facebook:
CeCe Moore’s Twitter Link - Although developed for adoptees, this site can be used by anyone whiching to triangulate their atDNA matches. - Additional tools for working with DNA results.
DNA Land - An academic prodject with features for those whishing to upload their atDNA.
DNA Newbie Facebook Group (closed group - must click the Join button and the group's administrator will approve your
Free e-book - Which DNA Test is Good for Me?
Future Genetic Genealogy Ireland presentations on YouTube
Genetic Genealogy Ireland 2016 Conference:  Videos posted here.
Genetics Home Reference - describes each chromosome and related health conditions.
How DNA Will Change the Face of Irish Genealogy by Dr Maurice Gleeson 5 Jun 2014.
How to Build a Mutuation History Tree by Maurice Gleeson 12 Nov 2017
Interactive version of Shared cM Project
Introduction to Molecular Genealogy by Dr Maurice Gleeson 4 Apr 2017.
ISOGG (International Society of Genetic Genealogy) is an excellent resource on DNA
James Lick’s mthap site 
The Genetic Genealogist (Blaine Bettinger)
The Surname Society = Surname Studies
Using DNA to Identify Soldiers of the Western Front by Dr Maurice Gleeson 11 Sept 2016
Video about the pros and cons of AncestryDNA testing
Shipping DNA Kits to Other Countries:  Ancestry kits purchased from Canada are returned to Ireland for batching and then shipped to the USA. Ancestry kits sold in the UK are also shipped to Ireland for batching and then shipped to the USA.  If it is marked as a genealogical kit rather than bodily fluid sample it will make it through. (Taken from Genetic Genealogy Tips & Techniques FaceBook page.)