Their tools:
Family Networks – Your DNA matches – not yet available as of 16 Dec 2018.
Family Ancestry – Your ethnicity results.
Here’s an example of ethnicity results:
Testing is done via a cheek swab.  
LivingDNA is the only company, to date, that offers ethnicity breakdown by regions within the British Isles, based on the POBI (People of the British Isles) project results funded by the Wellcome Trust.[1]
This site does not currently provide family matches but this will occur in the future.  
Provides your DNA mix across 80 world regions, including 21 in Britain and Ireland.
Here is a link to the listing of 21 regions.
Link to transfer your autosomal DNA to LivingDNA
Link to procedures on downloading your LivingDNA raw data
[1] Roberta Estes, "LivingDNA Product Review," DNA Explained, posted 4 May 2017 ( : accessed 16 Dec 2018)